RedFox Affiliate Program

RedFox Affiliate Program

Become our affiliate partner and start offering our software products on your website or shop. You will receive 25% of every purchase referred by your website. No initial investment is required, so you have no risk when signing up our program.

Setup Steps:
  • Register for an affiliate account at RedFox. If you're already registered, please login here
  • Generate the appropriate links through the affilate account and put them on your web site
If you need some logos you'll find them in our logo section. For complete product descricptions we provide PAD files.

Affiliate FAQ

What is an affiliate agreement?

An affiliate agreement is a business relationship between the merchant (RedFox) of a product or service and a website owner (You) who promotes the merchant's offerings. The website (affiliate) earns a commission from the merchant for each referral that results in a sale. The affiliate plays no role in the sales contract; the product is sold by the merchant to the customer.

How does the affiliate get started?

Following registration and activation, affiliates receive their login data for the affiliate Control Panel, where they have access to an overview of all cooperations, as well as the products and conditions for each. As soon as we activate the affiliate, they can begin placing links on their website and start promoting our products.

How does the affiliate link to RedFox?

Affiliates appends just their Affiliate ID as GET-parameter 'aid' when they linking to us: where '12345' must be replaced with your affiliate ID. Affiliates can link to all pages on - the affiliate ID will be determined an all pages, but we recommend the homepage. For the affiliates better privacy, parameters via POST are also allowed. Because our click-through tracking is real-time, affiliates can check their links instantly.

How do RedFox track the customers referred by affiliates?

If we detect a GET (or POST) parameter 'aid', we count this click-through in our real-time affiliate tracking system and a cookie (valid 30 days) with the affiliate ID will be placed in the users browser. Any order from this user within 30 days will be assigned to the affiliate in the cookie.

What, if the customer is referred by more than one affiliate?

If there is already a cookie on the customers computer with an affiliate ID, this cookie will not be replaced - the first referring affiliate will receive the commission.

Any rules how affiliates has to do their job?

Yes, there are. The affiliate web site should not contain representations of violence, sexually-explicit content or discriminatory statements or representations with respect to race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age. We do not suffer sending out any e-mail without the expressly, previous permission of the recipient of the e-mail (spam e-mails). We do not tolerate 'hidden creation' of the affiliate cookie without linking to (e.g. via a hidden popup window), referrals without the knowledge of the user or any other kind of 'free-riding'. Affiliates who violate these rules will be locked out immediately.

Is there any policy regarding advertising on search engines?

Advertising on search engines is basically allowed but the search phrases the affiliate is advertising with, must not contain RedFox's product names (anydvd, clonebd, clonecd, clonedvd), company name (redfox) or parts of it (clone, any). If a customer's HTTP-Referrer contains one or more of these strings the order will not be assigned to the affiliate. Affiliates who violate these rules will be freezed out immediately.

Who reports to and handles the payments to affiliates?

RedFox handles reporting and payment of the commission directly to the affiliates.

When is reporting done?

RedFox sends out the Payment Report to the affiliate on the 8th of the month for the previous month's sales. Affiliates can have a look at any time on the real-time reporting tool in the Affiliate Control Panel.

How often is payment made to the affiliates?

Payment is made monthly on the 15th of the month for the previous month's earnings, provided the affiliate reaches the minimum payment amount of 100 EUR in commission earnings. If so, payment will be made in full for the previous month, or for up to one calendar year's earnings. Payments unable to be made after one full calendar year will be void.

Which payment methods and currencies can the affiliates choose?

At the moment, affiliates can only receive payments by wire transfer and in euro currency. European bank accounts with IBAN and BIC should be prefered because of the lower transfer charges. Affiliates are responsible for providing correct payout details at any time.

What are the minimum earnings for which an affiliate can receive payment?

The affiliate must have earned a minimum of 100 EUR in commission before payment can be made. If the minimum amount is not reached within the month, the total is carried over to the next month and added to the next payment.

What information do affiliates receive on their sales?

Affiliates have access to sales reports in the Affiliate Control Panel. They can view clickthrus and sales in real-time by days and month, and see the status of their earnings. RedFox does not provide any customer data to the affiliate.

How are chargebacks and refunds handled??

If RedFox receives a chargeback or if RedFox has to refund an order, the commission on this order will be subtracted in next account statement.